Thin Air 2011

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  • Printed Words Alive

        Being at the Winnipeg International Writers Festival last week was a life changing experience.     It felt like home; walking amongst peers, mentors and idols. It was inspirational on so many levels. It  was an internal domino effect of events starting with  being asked to blog while knowing nothing about THIN AIR. The magnitude […]

  • A Pint of Bitter Murder

    Question #1: So… you write murder mysteries? Answer #1: No, I blog about various things. Question #2: …but you like murder mysteries right? Answer #2: I’m not sure, I’ve never read one. He got up and chose another seat some row away from me. I giggled thinking to myself… what in the world am I […]

  • Troupe du Jour

    afterwords: 9/24/2011 Explore it. Create it. Nervous. Elated.Stage fright. At night.Push through. Just right.Wordsmiths. Word-gifts.Confess the Songstress.Strings glow. Brass shines.Notes flow. Jazz fine.Fine time. Fine mood.THIN AIR. Concludes.THIN AIR’s final After Words’ celebration ended the 2011 Winnipeg International Writers Festival with verse, song, and a healthy dose of cool. Chairs were ripped from their row upon […]

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