Submission Guidelines:

Participants at THIN AIR (held annually during the third week of September) or other Winnipeg International Writers Festival events (such as the Spring or Fall Literary Series) are invited based on the strength of their published work. To have work considered for Winnipeg International Writers Festival events, please send at least one copy to the address below:

Chelsey Young, Administrative Coordinator
Winnipeg International Writers Festival
624-100 Arthur st
Winnipeg MB
R3B 1H3

Or send electronic copies (PDF or ePUB) to:

Generally submissions are sent by publishers, but we do accept submissions directly from writers. Promotional materials are welcome as well.

Submissions are accepted year-round. The selection process for THIN AIR takes place from January through April. Decisions for the September festival are usually finalized by early June.

Because of the high volume of submissions, only writers invited to participate will receive a response, though you may feel free to inquire (by email or phone) about pending submissions.

Please be advised that we do receive a great many submissions and presentation slots are very limited. Above all, we look for writing of exceptional quality but we are also committed to representing a broad range of genres, styles and places of origin.

Feel free to query us before sending along materials or, should you have any questions regarding eligibility or the submission process, contact us by email or phone HERE.

We look forward to hearing from you.

Frequently Asked Questions:

“Is there a submission deadline?”

There is not a firm deadline for submissions but invitations and scheduling are usually finalized by early June. Because there are so many submissions, the earlier you can get work to us, the more likely we will be able to seriously consider it.

“Are ARC’s (advance reading copies) or galleys acceptable submissions?”

Yes, early reading copies and uncorrected proofs in electronic format (PDF or ePUB) for future releases are perfectly acceptable. Manuscripts, however, are not acceptable. Please note that we will be most interested in books that will be available in time for the start of the festival (third week of September).

“Are self-published books eligible for submissions?”

Yes, we do accept self-published books. Please follow the same submission instructions already posted.

“Will The Winnipeg International Writers Festival pay for my travel costs?”

In most instances The Winnipeg International Writers Festival pays reading fees to the participant (at the standard Canada Council rates) and arranges overnight accommodations in Winnipeg for out of town participants while they are participating in Festival events. Travel costs are usually underwritten by the publisher. This arrangement can be negotiated in extenuating circumstances.