• Robert Everett-Green’s Winnipeg Connection

    I haven’t lived in Winnipeg, but my father grew up there and I have visited many times. My grandfather, who I never met, worked for years at the complaints desk of the Eaton’s store downtown. That must have been one of the softest jobs at a company whose slogan was “goods satisfactory or money refunded.” […]

  • Why Did I Write a Kids Book Called The Goat?

    By Anne Fleming Like many readers and writers, I read a lot as a kid. Day, night, summer, winter, I read. I melted the top of my clock radio from bending the light down so my parents wouldn’t see light leaking beneath the door. Until age thirteen, I read mostly children’s books. After thirteen, I […]

  • La nuit de l’art dansant

    Par Amber O’Reilly À l’approche de la Maison Gabrielle-Roy, les sens s’éveillent. Discrète, cet éloge d’un autre temps est bien dissimulé dans sa rue tranquille. Un soir d’automne, elle aussi arrive à se repérer dans le présent, habitée par la chaleur des voix et des pas qui font chanter ses planchers de bois. Lorsque tout […]

  • Willing to Travel: Willing to Learn

    by Jason Cheung “Learning to travel: Traveling to learn” may be Robin Esrock’s greatest motto in life. Disclaimer: Coming from a highly biased fan who watched pretty much every single episode of Word Travels – Esrock’s signature travelogue series that catapulted him as a travel writer/producer and superstar seen and well known around the globe. […]