• The Land and the Stars: Learning Lore

    by Alison Wong From “Learning Lore”, September 23, 2018 Storytelling is central to Indigenous culture. Their teachings and beliefs are passed down from generation to generation, voices upon voices. And today, that was the goal of “Learning Lore”, to share the beliefs of the Cree and Gitxsan with people of all races. There were Asians, […]

  • Writing Craft: On Storytelling With Cliff Cardinal

    by Alison Wong   Cliff Cardinal is not known for writing stories for the light-hearted. A playwright and author known for tackling the gritty and risky side of life, his first piece of advice for the round-table of prospective writers was this: write what scares you. Write about the scary, embarrassing events and experiences because […]

  • Aboriginal, Métis, Inuit, and Native American Representation in Children’s Literature

    by Sylvie Côté Wab Kinew voices concern over Aboriginal, Métis, Inuit, and Native American representation in literature at his book launch for Go Show the World: A Celebration of Indigenous Heroes, a picture book he wrote for his children. Happily, many children and their parents attended the event while we listened to Kinew read his work […]

  • Robert Everett-Green’s Winnipeg Connection

    I haven’t lived in Winnipeg, but my father grew up there and I have visited many times. My grandfather, who I never met, worked for years at the complaints desk of the Eaton’s store downtown. That must have been one of the softest jobs at a company whose slogan was “goods satisfactory or money refunded.” […]

  • Why Did I Write a Kids Book Called The Goat?

    By Anne Fleming Like many readers and writers, I read a lot as a kid. Day, night, summer, winter, I read. I melted the top of my clock radio from bending the light down so my parents wouldn’t see light leaking beneath the door. Until age thirteen, I read mostly children’s books. After thirteen, I […]