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THIN AIR School Program


What is the THIN AIR school program and how can it benefit my students?

Our School Program showcases acclaimed writers for kids, from new readers to near-adult readers. It has two streams: Writers to the Schools, where the youngest and oldest students welcome writers to their classrooms or school libraries, and the School Stage, where middle-years students take in theatre-style shows.

For many kids, the School Program will be their first introduction to a real writer-and the impact can be dramatic. Students are inspired to read. They also imagine themselves as potential writers. Reading is obviously a crucial skill in today’s world. New research also shows that literary texts actually support the development of the emotional centres in the brain, fostering empathy and creativity in our children and youth.

How does the WRITERS TO THE SCHOOLS option work?


Primary students (K-3) can meet a writer for a half-hour or full-hour slot. Presentations generally include reading time followed by a chance for students to ask their millions of questions.

High schools (grade 10-12) are also eligible for in-school visits for one hour. Writers will read from new work and talk with students about how they handle their craft. Writers exercises may be an option as well.

Scheduling is tailored to accommodate both school and writer. Whenever possible, we’ll put the teacher and writer in contact in September to plan the visit.
Group size: approximately 50 students

Fee: $200/hour (or 2 half-hour slots for younger kids)

Half-hour slots are only available for Kindergarten and Grade 1 groups. Writers must be booked for a minimum of one hour (ie: one hour long presentation or two half hour presentations).

K – 3

Ruth Ohi (available Thursday, Sept 29 in the morning)

Kevin Sylvester (available Monday, Sept 26)

Richard Van Camp (Fully Booked)

Larry Verstraete (available Thursday, Sept 29 – Friday, Sept 30)

Frank Viva (available Tuesday Sept 27)

10 – 12

Lisa Moore (available Monday Sept 26 – Tuesday Sept 27)

Cordelia Strube (available Friday Sept 30)

Richard Van Camp (Fully booked)

How does the SCHOOL STAGE option work?

Middle years students (grade 4 – 6 and grades 7 – 9) attend the School Stage at the Shaw Performing Arts Centre (MTYP) at The Forks. Each event features a writer presenting new work, then answering questions from the audience. One school will win the featured book in our door prize draw. Shows last 75 minutes.
Theatre capacity: 300, first-come-first-served
Fee: $2 per person (including teachers and chaperones)

4 – 6

Kevin Sylvester (Tuesday)

Frank Viva (Wednesday)

7 – 9

Kenneth Oppel (Wednesday)

How do I purchase books by the THIN AIR School Program writers?


We are proud to have McNally Robinson Booksellers as the official bookseller for THIN AIR. If you would like to purchase the featured book, or any books by our THIN AIR School Program writers, please visit McNally Robinson’s online store.


How do I register my students?


Click on the BOOKING links embedded above. These will take you to a page where you can fill in the necessary information. Your school may register for more than one session. Registration is open all summer and will continue into September. All bookings are subject to writer availability.


If you have any questions, please contact:

Julien Poirier
School Program & Marketing Assistant


Keith Cadieux
Administrative Coordinator