Peter Midgley

Thirty years working as a freelance editor, festival director, university lecturer, managing editor, acquisitions editor, clerk of court, bartender, janitor,  door-to-door salesman, and some other unmentionable jobs, has given Peter Midgley enough material for twelve books and plays for children and adults. His latest book is a collection of poetry, let us not think of them as barbarians (NeWest Press), and he has a collection of short stories looking for a home. Peter Lives in Edmonton. 


Peter Midgley is a writer, storyteller, and editor. He has published three children’s books, one of which won the International Board on Books for Young People Award for Literacy Promotion and has been translated into twenty-seven languages. He has written two plays, and a bilingual volume of poems, perhaps i should / miskien moet ek; another poetry collection, Unquiet Bones. He is a senior editor at the University of Alberta Press, and just recently received the Tom Fairley Award for Editorial Excellence. His book, Counting Teeth (Wolsak & Wynn), is an elegant memoir about the African country Namibia, his childhood home. Midgley lives in Edmonton AB.