Writing Craft: Rowan McCandless

Sunday, October 3, 2021 from 2:00 pm to 3:30 pm Archived

Online, Zoom,


Playing With Form: Experimentations and Writing Creative Nonfiction

Hello beautiful writers. My name is Rowan McCandless and I write fiction and creative nonfiction. I am the author of the hybrid memoir Persephone’s Children as well as the creative nonfiction editor with The Fiddlehead magazine. I believe that everyone has stories to tell. Some are shared around a kitchen table. Some are written in personal journals, while others are crafted as essays or drafted as memoir. In this generative creative nonfiction workshop we will look at ways to use form as an entry point to life writing, essay and memoir. Through a series of writing prompts, examples of craft, and the opportunity to be part of a positive writing community, writers will come together to nurture their creativity and encourage experimentation in their writing. This workshop will offer new approaches for writers at all levels—from those looking for inspiration to those working on a current memoir project.


Everyone has a story to share—that is one of the fundamental truths that powers our team. Writers invest in refining their stories, to maximize their impact on readers. Our Writing Craft workshops give all interested writers, whatever their experience, a chance to soak up the expertise of some of the amazing writers featured at THIN AIR 2021. Each workshop is 90 minutes long, and thanks to our partnership with the Winnipeg Public Library and support from Taylor McCaffrey, we are thrilled to offer them without charge!

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