Michael Hutchinson

Michael Hutchinson is a member of the Misipawistik Cree Nation, north of Winnipeg, in Treaty 5 territory. As a teen, he pulled nets on Lake Winnipeg, fought forest fires in the Canadian Shield and worked at the Whiteshell Nuclear Research Station’s Underground Research Lab. As a young adult, he worked as a bartender, a caterer for rock concerts and movies shoots, and a print reporter for publications like The Calgary Straight and aboriginaltimes. Michael moved from journalism to communications when hired by the Indian Claims Commission as a writer. Over the years, he has worked as the Director of Communications for the Assembly of Manitoba Chiefs, a project manager for the Treaty Relations Commission of Manitoba, where he helped create the “We are all treaty people” campaign, and a communications officer for the Assembly of First Nations. Michael was also host of APTN National News and produced APTN’s sit-down interview show, Face to Face, and The Laughing Drum. Michael is currently working in Ottawa and continuing to advocate for First Nations. He wrote the Mighty Muskrats mystery series to instill pride in Indigenous youth and educate others about First Nation communities, beliefs, and opinions.