Alison McCreesh

Alison is a graphic novelist, illustrator and fibre artist who has lived in Yellowknife since 2009. Over the past decade, she has extensively travelled around the Arctic and sub Arctic and contemporary day-to-day life in the north is a theme that carries through her creative work.

As a graphic artist, writer and illustrator, Alison is the author of two books. Her debut full length graphic novel is titled Ramshackle, A Yellowknife Story (2015) and explores the reality of living off grid in what is otherwise a modern government town. Her second book, Norths, Two suitcases and a Stroller around the Circumpolar World (2018) is based on six months of travel North of 60 with her partner and small child. Both books are published by Conundrum Press.
In her spare time, Alison enjoys reading, biking and drawing short comics about her two little kids.