Place into Being

Illustrations and cover art by Robert Pasternak, cover and interior design by M. C. Joudrey and Matt Stevens.

Robert Pasternak (NAK) is a virtuoso of the sequential art form. An adept panelologist and painstaking craftsman. Despite a loyal and attentive following, awareness of his work is limited. In many ways, what may appear to be a constraint is part of the NAK mystery and lore. The abstract comics medium is highly complex and only vaguely understood. For NAK, it’s merely a brushstroke. Yet, to define this artwork as abstract could be considered derivative. To the observer, NAK is ocular candy. Psychedelic sensuality.

Delve into the NAK experience, an explorative expedition contained in this first published volume of his work. This creative journey will compositionally challenge and cerebrally stretch the current understanding of comics.