Midway Radicals & Archi-Poems

Midway Radicals & Archi-Poems is a provocative foray into experimental poetry. Exploring fertile gaps and overlaps between the architecture of poetry and poetry of architecture, this work of serious play is sparked by a double inquiry. Shaped by rules—found, broken or bent along the way to archi-poetry—many of the poems are also transformative responses, remediating off-cuts and jump-cuts, radically renovating exemplary sources (archai): Homer and Aristotle; Berrigan, Hejinian and Silliman; Bök, Bowering, Olson and Creeley; Musil, Barthes and Lefebvre; Shklovsky, Ruskin and Poe. Harmonizing with and against this global carnival of “midway radical” wisdom, the layered voice of the poems does not belong to a single poet, genre or discipline, but resonates in the polylogue of an open chorus.