• The WestJet Fun n’ Festivals Contest

    THIN AIR 2011 has entered an online festival contest hosted by WestJet Airlines, and we need your help to become the highest rated festival in Manitoba! Go to and vote by creating a profile or logging in with your Facebook account. Once you vote, you’ll have a chance of winning one of six fantastic […]

  • Analyzing ‘Niko’ by Dimitri Nasrallah

    Dimitri Nasrallah is no stranger to civil war. He was born in Lebanon in 1977 as the country was rife with opposition and discontent, and it was the only environment he knew as a young child. In 1981, his family went into exile, living in Athens, Kuwait and Dubai before immigrating to Canada in 1988. […]

  • THIN AIR streeter: Ashley Goodfellow

    I met Ashley Goodfellow on the set of a film being shot in Winnipeg. We were both extras and, as many extras can attest to, there was plenty of downtime. While waiting for her next scene, Ashley was reading Echkart Tolles’ A New Earth. For my first THIN AIR streeter I decided to come back […]

  • THIN AIR hits the streets of Winnipeg

    Have you ever sat down outside on a bench during lunch to read? It’s relaxing, isn’t it? Nothing can make that hour of freedom more enjoyable than becoming lost and immersed in the pages of an intriguing book. At THIN AIR, we’re interested in what you’re reading. We also believe that other people are interested […]

  • Lynn Coady – author and amusing individual

    It isn’t every day that a single novel can make you laugh, cry, scream, sigh and berate the characters, but Lynn Coady has a gift. Her most recent novel – The Antagonist – is a perfect example of a story that will force you to stop, think and throw your own life under the microscope. […]

  • Welcome to THIN AIR: the blog!

    Plans for the 2011 festival are well underway, and we decided the best way to share our progress was to create a new blog that deals with anything and everything related to THIN AIR. On this blog you will see a variety of posts, ranging from book reviews, featured author biographies, updates on festival progress, […]