100 Reasons

  1. THIN AIR believes in a literate society!
  2. THIN AIR presents the winners—before they’re even nominated!
  3. THIN AIR c’est le Foyer des écrivains.
  4. THIN AIR puts writers and readers on the same stage.
  5. THIN AIR brings internationally-renowned writers to the heart of the city.
  6. THIN AIR is ageless.
  7. THIN AIR lights up at the School Stage.
  8. THIN AIR is caffeine for the spirit.
  9. THIN AIR apporte les mots dans les écoles.
  10. THIN AIR promotes books.
  11. THIN AIR inspires kids to read.
  12. THIN AIR captures the imagination.
  13. THIN AIR starts at Oodena, the ancient meeting place of storytellers.
  14. THIN AIR puts a bookstore right on stage.
  15. THIN AIR indulges dreamers.
  16. THIN AIR brings words alive.
  17. THIN AIR takes writers outside the city limits with the THIN AIR Tour.
  18. THIN AIR encourages people to buy a book.
  19. THIN AIR has dedicated volunteers.
  20. THIN AIR is for readers.
  21. THIN AIR is for writers.
  22. THIN AIR rocks at the Poetry Bash!
  23. THIN AIR is also on the radio.
  24. THIN AIR is having a long-term love affair with the library.
  25. THIN AIR improvise avec la Plume et le Pinceau.
  26. THIN AIR sparks curiosity.
  27. THIN AIR can change your mind.
  28. THIN AIR is a Pint of Bitter Murder.
  29. THIN AIR is a perennial adventure.
  30. THIN AIR serves up ideas and coffee at the Afternoon Book Chats.
  31. THIN AIR explores our culture—and counter-culture.
  32. THIN AIR would you like your attention.
  33. THIN AIR is available 24 hours a day at www.winnipegwords.com.
  34. THIN AIR puts words into action.
  35. THIN AIR supports PEN Canada in advocating for silenced writers.
  36. THIN AIR c’est la Rive droite et la Rive gauche.
  37. THIN AIR stimulates the local economy.
  38. THIN AIR is better than television.
  39. THIN AIR can make you laugh until you cry.
  40. THIN AIR can make you cry until you laugh.
  41. THIN AIR says no idea is off limits.
  42. THIN AIR c’est Canayen, Cadien et Cajun.
  43. THIN AIR fosters Arts education in Manitoba schools.
  44. THIN AIR is available on campus.
  45. THIN AIR is a quick hit at lunchtime with The Nooner.
  46. THIN AIR can improvise.
  47. THIN AIR always surprises.
  48. THIN AIR donne toujours des French Kiss.
  49. THIN AIR lets you hear writers unpacking their secrets.
  50. THIN AIR turns cultural divides into cultural connections.
  51. THIN AIR connects writing with its sister arts.
  52. THIN AIR brings the world to Winnipeg.
  53. THIN AIR launches new books into the world.
  54. THIN AIR supports independent booksellers.
  55. THIN AIR showcases Canada’s thriving book industry.
  56. THIN AIR lets you raise a glass (on stage!) with your favorite writer.
  57. THIN AIR c’est un Concours de poésie dans la collectivité.
  58. THIN AIR serves up history in all its guises.
  59. THIN AIR gives some kids their first live arts experience.
  60. THIN AIR proves that the book can be better than the movie.
  61. THIN AIR is a book club’s best friend.
  62. THIN AIR gives emerging writers their first chance on stage.
  63. THIN AIR c’est un buffet de littérature.
  64. THIN AIR gets between the covers.
  65. THIN AIR exercises your brain.
  66. THIN AIR may teach you some new words.
  67. THIN AIR commissions new work.
  68. THIN AIR comes to you year-round with the Signature Series.
  69. THIN AIR brings you Governor General’s Award winners in every genre.
  70. THIN AIR sets the stage for playwrights.
  71. THIN AIR vous en fait voir de toutes les couleurs.
  72. THIN AIR features MAN/Booker award nominees.
  73. THIN AIR presents amazing children’s writing.
  74. THIN AIR is your own funky paperback program—free!
  75. THIN AIR allows educators to get their hands on a writer.
  76. THIN AIR is night-cap at After Words.
  77. THIN AIR is a meeting place for old friends.
  78. THIN AIR is a meeting place for new friends.
  79. THIN AIR is the perfect excuse to take a week off from work.
  80. THIN AIR has Giller winners among its alumni.
  81. THIN AIR treats writers like royalty.
  82. THIN AIR fait connaître des écrivains du monde entier.
  83. THIN AIR will wake you up.
  84. THIN AIR will shake you up.
  85. THIN AIR celebrates the power of picture books.
  86. THIN AIR is a place for bibliophiles and bookworms.
  87. THIN AIR is literally fantastic.
  88. THIN AIR takes you to unfamiliar places.
  89. THIN AIR gardens, cooks, and arranges flowers.
  90. THIN AIR is an audience’s anticipation.
  91. THIN AIR gives you a head start on your holiday shopping.
  92. THIN AIR can be the light at the end of the tunnel.
  93. THIN AIR is political—but not always politically correct.
  94. THIN AIR brings you inspired aboriginal writing.
  95. THIN AIR delivers writers to school classrooms and libraries.
  96. THIN AIR fait la promotion de nos éditeurs.
  97. THIN AIR is very easy to breathe.
  98. THIN AIR happens day and night.
  99. THIN AIR propose des rencontres littéraires stimulantes.
  100. THIN AIR awaits your arrival.

100 Reasons Contributors / Les collaborateurs RAISONables sont:

Les & Anna Grace Diehl, Sarah Klassen, Charles Leblanc, Roger Léveillé, Robyn Maharaj, Jeff Ryzner, Louise Smith, John Toone, Kathleen Williams.