THIN AIR 2021 Website Registration NOW OPEN


How does this festival website work?
Again this year, you get to tailor your own festival experience according to your time, availability, interests, and curiosity. We have booked about 60 writers, and they’ve all submitted videos to introduce you to their new books.

This content is posted to individual writer profiles, and as you wander through, you’ll find readings, conversations, research talks, neighbourhood tours, a standup comedy session, and who knows what other kinds of magic. Think of it like a gallery you can activate at your own pace, a “choose your own adventure” project…

Also part of the site are reading lounges where we’ve assembled curated lists of titles which belong together in some way—like a great bookstore display table, or a recommended reading list. You might want to explore these clusters, and, if you’ve signed up for a reader profile, you can actually post in conversations with other readers.


What is a reader profile? (and do I need one?)
Absolutely anyone can visit the THIN AIR 2021 festival site, from the moment we launch it on September 20 until the moment we deactivate it on October 18. We hope lots of folks drop by–then come back repeatedly because there’s so much cool stuff to discover.

But we also want to create that special “festival community” feeling in this virtual space–so folks who register for a reader profile basically become part of our treasured community of readers. Once you have set up a profile, you can

– access the chat options on the site,
– leave comments about what you’ve read or listened to, and
– connect with other readers (and writers) in our reading lounges.

If you’re signed up on the site, we can reach out to let you know about special opportunities, or to ask for some feedback about how this virtual experience is working for you. For us, you are like the folks who hang around after events getting books signed, connecting with one another, creating that amazing community feeling that leaves us all feeling stronger and bolder.


So how do I get a reader profile?
Signing up is quick, easy, and FREE. You basically set up a username, provide your name and email, and protect your info with a password. The festival site itself is still under construction, but you can register any time–just sign up and then relax. We’ll give you a nudge when the site goes live! Plus if you sign up early, you may also be entered in our giveaway for a chance to win a free book featured at THIN AIR 2021.