Countdown to THIN AIR 2021!

Dates: September 20th – October 18th.

So, how will the festival work this year?

Last year, we joined the rest of the planet in pivoting to a virtual festival, and we’re going to take advantage of all the things we learned then as we roll out this year’s version.

Once again, we’re creating a lively “destination” website for festival goers to explore. Our featured writers are sharing their work with readings and conversations, and our website visitors will be able to wander through all that creative content at their own time and in their own way. Basically, a make-your-own-(bookish)-adventure!

We are keen to share our line-up of writers and their fantastic new books! We’ll be highlighting a lot of them over the next four weeks in our newsletter, but we’d love to have you follow us on our socials where we’ll be posting pretty much every weekday from now until our September 20 kick-off.



What is different this time?

We’re almost afraid to say this out loud, but… we have taken a deep breath and replaced “virtual/virtuelle” with “hybrid/hybride” on our festival logo.

Yes, we are planning a handful of in-person events in partnership with our friends at McNally Robinson Booksellers! Almost all of these events feature local writers, and they’ll be hosted on-site at McNally’s. The store’s Atrium will be partitioned off, and masks and double-vaxed status will be required to attend in person.

The events will also be live-streamed, so folks from far and near will still be able to be part of the crowd. Of course, if the pandemic flares again, we may all be obliged to attend in that virtual space…

A big shout-out to the folks at McNally Robinson who are masterminding this undertaking! Details about all of these in-person festival events will be posted to their website soon, and shortly after to our own. Stand by!