Deni Ellis Béchard

Deni Ellis Béchard is novelist, journalist, photographer, and the author of eight books of fiction and nonfiction, including Vandal Love (Commonwealth Writers’ Prize for Best First Book and a selection for Oprah’s summer reading list); Into the Sun, a novel about the civilian surge in Afghanistan (Midwest Book Award for literary fiction and chosen by CBC/Radio Canada as one of 2017’s Incontournables and one of the most important books of that year to be read by Canada’s political leadership); Of Bonobos and Men (Nautilus Book Award for investigative journalism and Grand Prize winner); Cures for Hunger, a memoir about his father who was a bank robber (an IndieNext pick and one of the best memoirs of 2012 by; Kuei, my Friend: a Conversation on Racism and Reconciliation, an epistolary book of nonfiction coauthored with First Nations poet Natasha Kanapé-Fontaine; White, a novel exploring the legacy of colonialism and the impact of neocolonialism in the Congo and in Canada; and My Favorite Crime: Essays and Journalism from around the World. Of his most recent novel, A Song from Faraway, the San Francisco Chronicle wrote, “Tough of mind and tender of heart, its beauty is wholly entrancing.” Béchard lives in Cambridge, Massachusetts.