Nhung N. Tran-Davies

Nhung is an author, physician, mother of three, and an advocate for social justice in education. She came to Canada as a refugee from the Vietnam war when she was a young child. She loves to write children’s stories that convey the humanity in our lives. For her, children are reminders of the beauty in a grain of sand. Her books have been shortlisted for the Alberta Literary Award and the Red Maple Award.

She established the Children of Vietnam Benevolent Foundation in 2013 to help provide hope and opportunities to impoverished children. She founded the Kemosa Scholarship for First Nations, Metis and Inuit Mothers Who Write to help effect positive changes in the community through the voices of indigenous mothers. She as well founded the Zyp Art Gallery to help support local artists and bring awareness to social issues through the arts.  She is a recipient of RBC’s 2019 Top 25 Immigrant Award

Aside from her passion for writing and medicine, she loves travelling the world, reading poetry, and just hanging out in the garden with her three rambunctious children and their five cats.