Gaylene Dutchyshen

Gaylene Dutchyshen is a Canadian novelist who writes prairie literary fiction. After a thirty year hiatus, she returned to the University of Manitoba to complete her Bachelor of Arts degree, then completed the Creative Writing program from Humber College, working with Sandra Birdsell on a first draft of her novel, A Strange Kind of Comfort. It was published by Dundurn Press in January, 2020.

Gaylene has worked as a newspaper reporter and freelance journalist, served as a school trustee and provincial agriculture board member, all while raising three children and operating a large grain and cattle farm with her husband,Wayne, in Gilbert Plains, Manitoba.

She enjoys gardening, traveling and spending time with her grandchildren. She is at work on her second novel, returning to the fictional town of Ross Prairie, to tell the story of siblings, Tom and Marissa Nychuk.