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  • The 2018 Reading List

    [vc_row][vc_column][vc_column_text]We’re a good way through this summer but in case you haven’t come across our list or are interested in a preview of some of the wildly talented writers that will be part of this year’s festival, here is our full Summer Reading List. Quiet reading is a great way to tolerate the coming heatwave.[/vc_column_text][vc_single_image […]

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  • A Pint of Bitter Murder With Sam Wiebe and Michael J. Clark

    by Alison Wong “Every city has their dirty laundry. I’m the laundry man.” ~Michael J. Clark Michael J. Clark’s first novel, Clean Sweep, was on display in today’s reading at the Good Will Social Club. He presented the audience with a gripping excerpt from the book, taking us down the familiar streets of Winnipeg in […]

  • A Lesson in Character Creation

    by Ariel Beynon Jim Nason begins by introducing the three main characters in his latest poetry collection, Rooster, Dog, Crow, all of whom embody individuals who appear in the second half of the narrative living on the streets. As he starts to read, the characters cease to be as transparent.  They begin to gain personalities. With […]

  • Chelene Knight and Jim Nason’s (Writing) Advice Surrounding Trauma, Home, and Parenting

    by Sylvie Côté I attended the Afternoon Book Chat at McNally Robinson today, listening to the discussion between the director of Thin Air, Charlene Diehl, and authors Chelene Knight and Jim Nason. Knight wrote a memoir entitled Dear Current Occupant, which focuses on her experience growing up in Vancouver’s Downtown Eastside, in which she, her […]

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