• La nuit de l’art dansant

    Par Amber O’Reilly À l’approche de la Maison Gabrielle-Roy, les sens s’éveillent. Discrète, cet éloge d’un autre temps est bien dissimulé dans sa rue tranquille. Un soir d’automne, elle aussi arrive à se repérer dans le présent, habitée par la chaleur des voix et des pas qui font chanter ses planchers de bois. Lorsque tout […]

  • Willing to Travel: Willing to Learn

    by Jason Cheung “Learning to travel: Traveling to learn” may be Robin Esrock’s greatest motto in life. Disclaimer: Coming from a highly biased fan who watched pretty much every single episode of Word Travels – Esrock’s signature travelogue series that catapulted him as a travel writer/producer and superstar seen and well known around the globe. […]

  • The Experience of Listening

    by Kelsey James THIN AIR’s main stage was packed on Saturday afternoon as eager Winnipeggers gathered to talk reconciliation with three great thinkers. The event showcased Rosanna Deerchild, Shelagh Rogers, and Senator Murray Sinclair as they invited the audience members to listen, learn and share stories left untold. Charlene Diehl, director of the festival, greeted […]

  • Mending words – Talking Reconciliation

    by Amber O’Reilly Part reading, part panel discussion, this powerful inaugural event honoured the work being carried out to further reconciliation between Indigenous and non-Indigenous peoples in Canada. Why not connect literature to social issues, fiction to reality? In the words of Rosanna Deerchild, “you must give voice to a story for it to grow. […]

  • A Neighbourhood Walkabout

    by Hannah Foulger In the beginning, there was poetry in the Strong Badger: coffee house. Before we officially begin, Kevin Spenst sits amidst this flurry of excited patrons, at a corner table, writing. His pen flows up and down the page with staccato impulse. He scrawls line after line, when a thought occurs to him, and […]