• Afterwords at the Jazz Club

    by Kortnee Stevens The wrap up for the Thin Air festival was held at the Centre Culturel Franco-Manitobain, in a large open hall that made whispers into echoes. A multitude of fruit and vegetables were supplied (along with sprigs of what we suspected were rosemary and thyme) and the lights bore down on a stage […]

  • Friday Night Poetry Bash

    By Jeannette Bodnar Friday night was the final Mainstage event. The Poetry Bash is a favourite of seasoned veterans of the festival and always brings out a great crowd peppered with faces of local literary celebrities, especially those from the Winnipeg poetry community, one of the most supportive of the arts. The night kicked off […]

  • Who Am I Now?

    By Jeannette Bodnar I was drawn to Wednesday night’s Mainstage, not only for the line-up of writers–Alexis, Lau, Robertson, Baillie, and Bergen–but also for its theme: Who Am I Now? As I sat in my seat waiting for the evening to begin I looked around me and pondered the question at hand. I began blogging […]

  • Perfect Mix of Poetry and Performance

    by Louella Lester It’s become a tradition for me to attend the Mainstage Poetry Bash with some of my writing group friends. Over tea after the event (drinks didn’t pan out) we discussed each poet and the evening in general, agreeing it was one of the best we’ve ever attended. Why? Because of the variety, […]

  • A Cube of Sugar to Sweeten the Buds of a Dying Tongue

    by Joshua Whitehead  A creative writing professor once told me, “Theory is the antithesis of creativity.”  And having just switched my major from Creative Writing to English Honours at the University of Winnipeg, well, for lack of a better word, I was scared shitless.  For as much as I love being an academic, researching fascinating […]

  • Birds Gotta Fly, Fish Gotta Swim?

    by Larysa Musick Not necessarily… birds have legs that they gotta use as well. I thought of the possibilities for this allegory while turning the pages C. R. Avery’s collection of poems, “Some Birds Walk for The Hell of It.” Anticipating what was advertised as a collection that “celebrates the bohemian brigade” (being a fan […]

  • “Who Am I Now?”: Five Writers Tackle Identity

    By Will J Fawley We see other people as fixed entities, but our experience of self is often very fluid, Thin Air Director Charlene Diehl said in her introduction to the evening’s readings. “Who Am I Now?” is a question that acknowledges that we do not simply have one identity, but an evolving spectrum of […]

  • Afternoon Book Chat with André Alexis and Martha Baillie

    By Kortnee Stevens Until Wednesday I’d never had the pleasure of attending an afternoon book chat, and having only attended the one so far I’m saddened that I won’t have an opportunity to attend another. This book chat was a healthy dose of our imaginations within reality. The parallels between André Alexis and Martha Baillie […]