Thin Air 2013

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  • Revelations

    By Jeannette Bodnar Friday Night was the last main stage event of the year. The line-up included Lucie Wilk, Dennis Cooley, Lauren Carter, Daniel Canty, and Andrew Pyper. I never know what to expect at main stage events. Despite the descriptions, the influence of audience, artist, and subject keep you from knowing where the night […]

  • The Kids are Ultra Violet

    By Chimwemwe Undi Shaden Abusaleh on stage at the “Youth Open Mic”. The rain that pattered down on streets was made suddenly beautiful by fall as people gathered in the Winnipeg Free Press Café for Thin Air’s “Youth Open Mic”. The audience bristled with excitement and support for the group of people who gathered their […]

  • The Kids Are Alright

    By Jeannette Bodnar The packed house during Saturday afternoon’s “Youth Open Mic”. Saturday afternoon was the “Youth Open Mic”, and without offending any of the wonderful, brilliant, and engaging authors I’ve had the honour to see this week, I have to say that this event was my favourite. Hosted by Steve Locke, and held at […]

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