Thin Air 2012

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  • Afternoon Book Chat: Carrie Snyder and Cordelia Strube

    By Colin Ward Charlene Diehl was the MC for Tuesday’s Afternoon Book Chat, featuring authors Cordelia Strube and Carrie Snyder. We began with introductions and very brief readings from Milosz and The Juliet Stories. Charlene followed this with a conversation about writing methods and approachs. This was a study in contrasts. Cordelia was assertive and […]

  • Under a Prairie Sky

    By Tannis Sprott The atmosphere was electric, the show was essentially sold out, the applause was thunderous as Winnipeg gave a rousing welcome to Richard Ford and David Bergen on the Main Stage Tuesday evening. They were reading from their new novels, Ford’s Canada and Bergen’s The Age of Hope, both of which are set […]

  • An Unforgettable Afternoon

    By Tannis Sprott Thin Air is always a surprise. Surprisingly profound. Profoundly moving. I snuck into the school stage program on Monday afternoon to catch Karen Levine talking about her non-fiction book Hana’s Suitcase with Grade 5 and 6 students from Gray Academy of Jewish Education. It is the story of Hana Brady, born in Czechoslovakia […]

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