Writing Craft : Genni Gunn

Sunday, October 17, 2021 from 2:00 pm to 3:30 pm Archived

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Getting Your Novel Started – A practical approach with Genni Gunn, author of Permananet Tourists

You’ve always wanted to write a novel but cannot find either the time or the starting point. Writing must be something you do regularly, like brushing your teeth. You have unique experiences to record, hundreds of characters struggling to come out of your pen onto paper. What you need is to make time to write and, perhaps more importantly, to have a clear idea of what you are going to write. The writer who waits for inspiration will wait even longer for a complete, published novel. Even with a busy schedule, you need not wait until you can afford to take a year’s vacation from work. If your ideas are well organized, you can begin your novel now, by setting aside one or two writing hours a day.

Think of your novel as a jigsaw puzzle. Every day, you will examine one piece and put it in its proper place. The events, characters, and actions that first appear as a jumbled mass too big to tackle can be organized to make sense. Topics covered will include: generating plots, defining your novel idea, exploring characters – goals and obstacles, the dramatic moment, settings as character, what makes a good first paragraph, constructing scenes, and time management.


Everyone has a story to share—that is one of the fundamental truths that powers our team. Writers invest in refining their stories, to maximize their impact on readers. Our Writing Craft workshops give all interested writers, whatever their experience, a chance to soak up the expertise of some of the amazing writers featured at THIN AIR 2021. Each workshop is 90 minutes long, and thanks to our partnership with the Winnipeg Public Library and support from Taylor McCaffrey, we are thrilled to offer them without charge!

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