The Business of Writing with Jessica Antony: How to Get Published

Wednesday, July 21, 2021 from 1:00 pm to 2:30 pm Archived

Online, Zoom,

Presented in partnership with the Creative Manitoba.

So, you’ve got the writing part down, now how do you get it out into the world? This workshop will help to uncover the path to publication – both traditional and self-publishing routes – and some ways to help you avoid the slush pile.

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The Business of Writing Workshop Series:

This workshop series will consist of four 90-minute workshops held every Wednesday from June 30 to July 21. The purpose is to speak to the various aspects of working as a freelance writer or editor, allowing writers and editors to come together to share experiences and learn how to best manage their careers and find a space for their work.

Each workshop will be facilitated by Jessica Antony, a Winnipeg-based writer, editor, and educator. Jessica will lead participants through discussions around how to get your work published, how to get paid as a freelance writer or editor, and the nature of working as and with a copyeditor and copywriter.

These workshops are suited for those interested in working for themselves, new writers who are curious about how to get their work out into the world, or those interested in freelancing as more than just a hobby. The goal is for participants to connect with other writers and editors to share ideas and experiences and learn how to make the business of writing work for you.

Other workshops in this series:

June 30: Working as (and with) a Copywriter

July 7: Working as (and with) an Editor

July 14: How to Get Paid

Jessica Antony is a Winnipeg-based writer, editor, and communication specialist. Through straightforward copywriting, detail-oriented editing, and practical workshop facilitation she helps people share their experiences, stories, and messages in a clear and coherent way. With fifteen years’ experience in her field and a master’s degree in media studies, Jessica has a breadth of experience from which to draw in helping people get straight to the point. She’s worked with clients from academia, marketing, and retail, worked for a decade in the book publishing industry, and has been teaching a writing course at the University of Winnipeg since 2008. Her work style centres around collaboration and problem solving, with a focus on helping people find creative ways to make their argument, sell their product, or share their ideas.