THIN AIR 2016 School Program

Monday, September 26, 2016 at 9:00 am Archived


What is the THIN AIR school program and how can it benefit my students?

Our School Program showcases acclaimed writers for kids, from new readers to near-adult readers. It has two streams: Writers to the Schools, where the youngest and oldest students welcome writers to their classrooms or school libraries, and the School Stage, where middle-years students take in theatre-style shows.

For many kids, the School Program will be their first introduction to a real writer-and the impact can be dramatic. Students are inspired to read. They also imagine themselves as potential writers. Reading is obviously a crucial skill in today’s world. New research also shows that literary texts actually support the development of the emotional centres in the brain, fostering empathy and creativity in our children and youth.

The school program runs from Monday, September 26 to Friday, September 30. These events are not open to the public. For information on how yours or your child’s school can participate, please visit our School Program Information page.