The Great Canadian Prairies Bucket List

Having travelled to over one hundred countries on six continents, international travel guru and bestselling author Robin Esrock turns his attention to the Canadian prairies. Robin spent years personally discovering these one-of-a-kind destinations and activities you have to try in Manitoba and Saskatchewan:

  • Float in “Canada’s Dead Sea”
  • Track polar bears along Hudson Bay
  • Horse-ride through herds of free-roaming bison
  • Uncover ancient archaeological mysteries in Winnipeg
  • Learn what it takes to join the Royal Canadian Mounted Police
  • Witness the largest gathering of snakes in the world
  • Party with the wildest sports fans in Canada
  • Bask on a tropical beach ― on a prairie lake

The Great Canadian Prairies Bucket List provides all the inspiration and information you’ll need to follow in his footsteps.