Invisible Ink (Cat’s Eye Corner #3)

The third title in this delightful series begins as Olivier, an adventurous 12-year-old boy, is helping his very odd step-step-stepgramma with her equally odd yard sale. When some mysterious customers show up, along with a troublesome wind, Olivier flees the scene, ending up in the Dark Woods, where terrible damage has been done. Determined to get to the source of the trouble, he and his pals travel far afield, encountering curious individuals along the way, including an intellectual giant, a severed but affable head, a malodorous monarch named Queen Bacteria, and a tyrant named Sleek. Olivier must face the dangers armed with only an ordinary stone, a mysterious cracked inkwell containing a liquefied secret, and his trusty pen pal, Murray Sheaffer. Set in a fascinating fantasy world, Invisible Ink is packed with humor and imagination.