Summer Reading List

Get a head start on your festival reading with the Thin Air Summer Reading List!
by Katrina Sklepowich

Here on the blog, we’ll be featuring our favourite summer reads so that you know which titles to dig into leading up to the festival. Happy reading!

This week’s pick:
The Dogs, by Allan Stratton

Allan Stratton's new YA novel, The Dogs

Award-winning novelist Allan Stratton will be in Winnipeg for the 2015 festival promoting a young adult thriller you don’t want to miss.

A run-down farm, a sleepy town, and a decades-old mystery create the perfect atmosphere for The Dogs, a chilling page-turner about a boy, Cameron, on the run from his violent father.

Cameron and his mother live in perpetual fear and flux – to stay one step ahead of an allegedly abusive husband and father, they are never in one place for long. They eventually land in Wolf Hollow, settling in at a long-abandoned farm.

Here, Cameron learns that their new home was the site of a grisly death – possibly, deaths. Intrigued by the mystery of Wolf Hollow, Cameron turns detective. But with an already overactive imagination, Cameron begins to have nightmares, hear the sound of barking dogs, and see visions of Jacky, the young boy who used to live at the farm years before.

As the mystery of the dogs and Cameron’s hold on reality start to unravel, we begin to question what’s real and what isn’t. With a foreboding sense of dread, we watch as Cameron digs deeper into Jacky’s past, as well as his own.

Stratton writes with theatrical flare and emotional realism. Inspired by his own childhood experiences, Stratton reveals the raw paranoia of the victim and the triumphant strength of the survivor.

A psychological thriller, Stratton’s novel will have you on the edge of your seat until the very end. Pick up your copy today and immerse yourself in the suspense of The Dogs.